Monday, 30 March 2015


1. GONIN: Effect of Impeller Blade Exit Angle on the Performance of Centrifugal Pump (Full paper submitted)

2. TSM: Flow Simulations on Blades of Hydro Turbine (Full paper submitted)

3. NEXUS: Hydraulic Turbine and Effect of Different Parameters on Output Power (Full paper submitted)

4. QUANTA: Design and Operation of Tesla Turbo Machine (Full paper submitted)

#5. BOOSTER BLOW: Experimental Investigations on Cavitation in Large Kaplan Turbine

6. ATRIA: Influences of Guide Vanes Airfoil on Hydraulic Turbine Runner Performance (Full paper submitted)

##7. AKAGI REDSUN: Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Blade Height and Blade Number on the Performance of Low Head Axial Flow Turbine

#8. KRYPTONITE: 3D Blade Hydraulic Design Method of the Rotodynamic Multiphase Pump Impeller and Performance Research

9. COEXIST: Study of Cavitation Erosion on Hydraulic Turbine Runners (Full paper submitted)

10. AGHAPE: Cavitation Performance Improvement of High Specific Speed Mixed-Flow Pump (Full paper submitted)

#11. AILERON: Design of an Experimental Test Stand for Francis Type Hydraulic Turbines

12. SONA5: The Francis Pump Turbine with Stochastic Blades (Full paper submitted)

13. FAITH: Study on Contra-Rotating Small-Sized Axial Flow Hydro Turbine (Full paper submitted)

##14. ALPHA 2.0: Hydraulic Characteristics of Cooling Tower Francis Turbine with Different Spiral Casing and Stay Ring

15. JASMINE SUPER 5%: High-Efficiency Design of a Mixed-Flow Pump (Full paper submitted)

16. GST: Parametric Design of a Francis Turbine Runner by Mean of a Threse-Dimensional Inverse Design Method (Full paper submitted)

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